Using Push Notification to increase user engagement

Push notifications are a very valuable way of increasing your user engagement.

Blappsta gives You the opportunity to reach out to your user's smartphones at any time.

Having said that, it is most important to understand, that you should not annoy your users by sending them too many push notifications. If you do this, they will simply turn off the notification for your app.

But on the other side your users have chosen to install your app. This means, that they are interested in the content you publish.

We recommend to post a push notification every time you add a new content. This makes sense, if you publish new content up to 2-3 times a week. We do not recommend to send push more than once a day.

Please note, that we allow the user to activate and deactivate push notifications based on categories within the app.

At this point we want to make you aware, that we are currently working on an own push server. This server will be more intelligent than anything on the market today and will organize the push notifications based on user interactions with the app.

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