What is special about Blappsta?

You are a blogger and you need an app, right? Then you certainly may know about the following problem: Most of the tools either create complicated apps or the apps use non-native technology and therefore have poor quality. They don’t look and feel like those native apps, we are using daily.

But we have good news for you: You now have Blappsta! Blappsta is a great value for every blogger, who wants to keep up with the mobile communication challenges. You can benefit from the Blappsta technology as a private passionate blogger as well as if you run a corporate blog. Blappsta will bring your own blog to the stores of Apple and Google. Within the app, there are individual and discreet advertising opportunities. You can choose, whether you want ads or not. Blappsta is also planning some advertising revenues, which can help you to monetize your blog app.

The product range of Blappsta sees itself as a “Software As A Service” model, making it very affordable for all target groups – we’ve got price models for small bloggers up to the individual arrangement for large companies. Furthermore, all updates on new operating systems and continuous feature enhancements (within the app) are included in the pricing.

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