How can I use the push-notification service?

As soon as your App is in the store, you will receive an email from us, which contains your keys. If you have not received the keys yet but your app is already in the store, please contact
With the keys available, please go to the settings of the Blappsta plugin and go to the Tab "Push":


Here please enter the Data we provide. Make sure to activate the “Show Push Metabox”. You can now go to any Post you have already published. If you are in the edit mode of the post, you will see a new metabox on your right sidebar, similar to this:


Now you can enter a text. The text you enter will be the text you see in the push notification on the smartphone. Please keep the “Show in App” box selected. This box is still in test state. As soon as you press “Send Push”, the server will send the notification. Please allow a few seconds. If the Push has been send successfully, you will receive a success respose. If not, there will be an error message, which you can send to

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