How to transfer your Blappsta app in your own Google Play account

If you want to transfer your Blappsta app from our Blappsta Google Play account to your own developer account, you should follow those easy 4 steps for transferring the ownership:

1. Create a Google Play Developer account

To create a Google Play Developer account please go to the Google Play Developer website and create a new account. You can also sign in with an already existing Google account. Please read and accept the Google Play developer terms and conditions and have a credit card with you. The setup of your Developer account will cost 25$.

2. Fill out the form for transferring your app

After creating your Google Play Developer account, please fill out this form (located in your Google Play Developer account) completely and accurately. For developer name you will have to enter "Blappsta". For Original Account Email and Google Wallet Transaction ID for Original Developer please contact us via
For Target Account Email pleaser enter the email adress, you have used for signing up for Google Play Developer. Please find your own Google Wallet Transaction ID in your Google Wallet dashboard.

For app name enter your applications name. For package name enter your bundle identifier that usually looks like this: com.blappsta.yourapp. If you don't know your package name, please contact us via

3. Answer and forward Googles email

You will receive an email from Google Play. Check it and reply with the requested information. Afterwards forward the E-Mail to the former developer/owner of your app and make them reply as requested.

Now wait for Googles approval - that's it! 

If you have any questions regarding the setup of your own Google Play developer account of the transfer of your app please reach out to us via



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    Мейіржан Жылқыбай

    Where is my app??? You asked for the documentation. I've posted. You asked me to wait. I waited. What else does? Give me the apk file. I paid you $ 64 (including commission) and I'm still waiting for the application. Rename the application name and package name to 7292 news. And I will publish the application from my developer's account. How much to wait? You do not even answer letters. This is not serious.

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