Why do I have to pay for my app?

Your app will be awesome, pretty and will help you gain new and loyal readers - so wouldn't you like to pay for that? Here at Blappsta we are a team of blogloving people, who work hard on improving our apps. We always think about new features, that will help you making your content shine even brighter - and of course we can't do that for free. As our cheapest product is 9,90€ per month, that's kind of two venti sized Starbucks coffees or three milkshakes, and we think, that this is really affordable for any blogger, who wants to make the most of his blog. It's up to you, what your stunning app is worth for you - just think about it and choose from our 4 product plans. If you need help to find the best solution for your blog, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us via support@blappsta.com.

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