Does Blappsta support Custom Post Types?

A lot of you have asked for it, and since we always try to make our customers happy, we proudly present our brand-new achievement: Blappsta supports Custom Post Types!

What's "Custom Post Types"?

WordPress offers a great way to make your website shine even brighter: Using Custom Post Types you can create a wide variety of content.

With the help of php and CSS you can also create a individual layout for your Custom Post Types.

How can I add Custom Post Types to my website?

To insert your Custom Post Type you need to open your theme’s functions.php and add your desired code, like for example:

function nh_html_content_modify( $html ) {
$html_above_body='Hi! Enjoy your read!’;
$html_below_body='If you liked this article, please spread the love - because sharing is caring!';
return str_replace(array('<span data-blappsta="app_content_start"></span>', '</body>'),array($html_above_body, $html_below_body),$html);
add_filter( 'nh_html_content', 'nh_html_content_modify' );

In this example we're keeping it really, really simple by just adding a Hi at the front of every post and an advise to share at the end of every post. Other ideas for great Custom Post Type varieties are portfolios, information about the author or any widget you like, like for example a social media counter, a YouTube player and so on.

How can I try Custom Post Types on my Blappsta app?

To get your Custom Post Types in your Blappsta app please reach out to us and help us test if everything works fine! If you want to give it a try, please reach out to and we will help you getting your Custom Post Types in your app!

For more information about Blappsta visit us at or have a look at our FAQ!

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