Which functionality does the app have?

As soon as you publish your article on your WordPress blog, the app automatically pulls the post into the app. You can certainly customize the way the post will look in the app using the settings in the Blappsta WordPress plugin. Your readers will be able to read your posts online and offline.

Blappsta apps have a number of internal features. Your posts can e.g. be pushed into several social media channels through our social sharing feature. In addition the app allows your readers to comment posts and these comments will also appear on the blog. A bookmarking feature enables users to remember posts they are interested in, so they can read them later.

When a new post is published on your blog, the reader has the option to be notified via push notification. This feature enables you to increase your readers’ engagement and convert them to loyal, active readers.

Your app has a number of ways to individualize it. You can modify everything from logos, colors, descriptions, menus and even CSS styles.

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